IDrive 6.7

A very secure backup and restore utility for your PC

IDrive is a very secure backup and restore utility. Well, let's see what a backup application gives you. It can make the automatic backup of files and folders on your computer. It also can be scheduled for backups, when your system is idle. The program can offer the restoration capabilities from an online server too. That is how far most applications will go.
Now, IDrive provides you with some extra features. It creates a virtual (mapped) drive in the "My Computer" folder, from where you can access the files that you have uploaded to their servers and drag-and-drop new files like it was a regular drive in your computer. When you copy a file to the IDrive virtual drive, the files get uploaded to the servers automatically. Another feature that doesn't make into most backup utilities is what IDrive calls "Timeline Restore". The feature allows you to track the changes made on a file or folder over time, just like Time Machine allows you to do that in Mac OS X. Also, like most other applications, you get 2 free gigabytes to store your data on the IDrive servers, but if you refer friends to the service, you can get up to 10 gigabytes added to your account.
Furthermore, the application adds little things here and there to make the whole backup process a whole lot easier. There are bandwidth tests available and wizards that help you complete most tasks. The main window is pretty straight-forward. There is a backup tab that allows you to add files and folders to the backups and then the tab next to it (restore) will allow you to bring those files back to your computer should something happen to them. All in all, thanks to the virtual drive, backing your data up is really simple, and you can even share files with other users in the same network using the application.

José Fernández
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  • Time machine-like features
  • Mapped drive
  • Shell integration
  • Quite easy to use
  • 2 gb free plus referrals


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